Brazil is not exempt

English - Brazil is not exempt
26/11/2008 10:10:39

English - Brazil is not exempt

 Beloved children, thank you very much! I love to be with you! Thank you very much! I ask you again, do not stop praying for the Holy Church, and for the Holy Father Benedict XVI and for all the souls in purgatory. Thousands of people depart from this life every day and thousands of them are not prepared for it. In fact, my children, purgatory has been empty for a while now, not because of themselves but because of your prayers: the Father comes to meet you, and through you He frees them! And they realy are thousands…. Thousands every single day!
 Do not stop praying for the Tower of Ivory; the Father has truly closed its doors and nobody can enter it; nevertheless, the ones who are in there anxiously await their release, once and for all, from that place. In fact, the Tower – built due to God’s pure Mercy – will only remain as a memory! And once fallen, the earth will resurrect!
 And pray for the nations: for all the nations. Not for the nation in itself, but for the people. The people created by God; in hundreds of these nations people have forgotten God, they need deliverance, healing, they need your love.
 Children, observe the signs: the world is crumbling and all its continents will be affected! And observe: Brasil is not exempt of it! You already had a sample and if, by God’s permission, the scale was higher, Brasil would have succumbed, swalled by the sea! (*) Beloved children, your prayers “touched” the Father’s heart and that was what made the scale freeze in time and space! But that cannot happen again, because all plans will be fulfilled!
 The Holy Father has already visited your land (Brasil), has spoken to the nations (ONU), now it remains only the letter that he will write in the next few days! Be alert and do not be afraid; as you well know you are but tiny white dots on the map… So, you should not flee from the mountain to the sea, or from the sea to the mountain… the ones that flee will be hit! Face up with courage, with joy, with love. God will do the best!
 Today the Father wants to give you the graces that you need and have asked for and will extend as many graces as necessary to all your family. The Father is Good! The Father loves you. The Father prepares the best for you. Beloved children, thank you very much for your love, and count on Me always! And do not be afraid, speak of what is to come, speak of the Father!
 I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
 “Mary, Mother of the Universe”
 And afterwards:
 Beloved children, I will never leave you, not even during the extraordinary moments that are coming. I will lead you in my arms. Amen! “Jesus”
 (*) it refers to the tsunami that took place in the coast Soud of Brasil.
 Message received by the Confidant Cláudio on 26th of April, 2008

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