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“and you will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of heaven.” (Mark 14, 62)
“All nations will be assembled before him and he will separate people one from another as the shepherd separates sheep from goats.” (Matt. 25: 32)

ARE YOU WELL PREPARED? Are you a sheep or a goat? If the final judgement day was right now, where do you think you would be going? Heaven or hell? There are only these two ways.
HOW IS YOUR SOUL? For how long you do not go to confession? How is your family with regards to faith? Are they prepared? Does your family pray together? Did you know that soon the world will be immersed in the Great Tribulation (Matt.24:21), which will start in 2011?

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? Let us move forward as we cite some dates revealed by Heaven! We are now in April 2011.
BEFORE HAND, PLEASE WE IMPLORE: Do not listen to those who say it is not going to happen! These are truly the “False Prophets” denounced by Jesus. They say: There has always been this way! Or: Even Jesus did not know the dates! Is God forbidden to reveal them now? Or they say: These guys are crazy! This is satan which speaks through their mouths. But crazy are those, whose nowadays, do not notice the signs given by God!
Because the horror will come for those who are bad! But you, who are prepared, going to confession regularly, praying the Rosary with your family, love going to the Holy Mass and do not miss it, share everything you possess, detached yourself from the material things of this world! (Yes we will lose everything). You who live aligned with the above and are connected with God, FEAR NOT!    
PAY ATTENTION: The Eternal Father decided to change the current world! I am talking about the hatred civilization that we created. The planet Earth will continue to exist, however only with the children (sons and daughters) of God. The satan’s servants will vanish from the face of the Earth.
THE GREAT TRIBULATION WILL TAKE PLACE EXACTLY AS THE FOLLOWING WAY: “That will be a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came into existence.” (Dan.12:1)
01 - The small Muslim nations, now in turmoil will unite as one people under fundamentalist leaders that want to implant Sharia rule in the world, the law of the universal hatred. All this is just the start. The great beast is their commander and will lead them to death.
02 - These armed nations, which represent 1.3 billion people, will come together with Russia and China - Gog and Magog (Ezek. 38 and 39) for a terrible Third World War that will take place from 23th May 2012 onwards. It will be the East versus the West.
03 – Note now the furious race of the black horplace fromse (Apoc. 6, 5), represented by the crude oil which will increase its price constantly. Also, the food prices will rise worldwide, not due to shortage but ordered by the beast which is preparing the basis for a severe world crisis. Everything is forged and intentional! They want to trade food, fuel and medications for the beast’s mark (Apoc. 13).
04 – Signs like the earthquake in Japan, birds falling dead whilst flying, vermin falling from the sky on daylight, climatic disasters and volcanic fu
ries will intensify more and more as warnings – you just need to follow up. There will be many accidents all over the world and new and incurable diseases, many of which will be intentionally placed in vaccines! Around mid 2012, there will begin the manifestation of viruses placed in the swine vaccine. DO NOT TAKE/ACCEPT these new vaccines! All of these measures will be put in place to eliminate 9/10 of mankind. During the time of the antichrist, chemical medications will lose their effects. Only Our Lady's handkerchiefs and the sacred oil of Archangel Saint Raphael will cure the illnesses to come!
05 - From September 2011 onwards, the beast is set to initiate a great financial crisis worldwide targeting bankruptcy of the stoke exchange (financial markets) followed by the banking system collapse, then companies and every government on the planet will be bankrupted. In a near time, there will be not social benefits, no pensions, no salaries for government employees and this is for all countries. There will be chaos in many nations that are trying to separate themselves from God. People will battle against one another, as predicted in the Scriptures. Connect to God and all your needs will be fulfilled!
06 - This worldwide bankruptcy, will take most of the countries into an immediate social chaos leading to terrible civil wars, especially those nations which legalized abortions and homosexual rights. All of Europe will live in terror. The people under an uncontrollable fury will set their own cities on fire. Paris and Rome will burn in flames due to such unleashed madness.
07 - During the crisis – and now already - the beast prepares the foundation of "The Unique Government", with ten economic blocks, "the horns" of the beast. Countries will cease to exist as we know them now. They will implant a unique army, global currency and a world tax; starting to mark people with the beast’s mark (the biochip). This will be placed on peoples’ back of the right hand and on the forehead, as prophesied in (Apoc. 13: 16-18). In Brazil, for example, they have started to mark. NOBODY must accept the MARK (CHIP) as he or she will become devil’s slave and God’s enemy! We already have received instruction to impose on people the MARK OF GOD as prophesied in (Ezek. 9:4 and Apoc. 7:3). This MARK OF GOD will cancel the effects of the beast’s mark.

08 - All this will occur rapidly, towards the antichrist’s government, which already exists and is nowadays commanding the world’s nations. He presently operates out of sight, but will be introduced publicly on the "day of declaration" 15th February 2012. Then the chaotic world will receive him with open arms! All of those who do not believe in what we are warning now as a Celestial request, will fall into the arms of the son of the darkness.
09 - The antichrist, "the big beast" will introduce himself as a saviour of the world and the nations, in panic, will receive him as the returning Messiah. During 100 days he will provide the world a “ceasefire” until he is adored like a God by the thousands. Even many Roman Catholics, with their Priests and Bishops will initially congratulate him! All of these present diabolical laws are being prepared so that the beast applies especially on perversion of children, legalised abortions and homosexual practices.
10 - Shortly after the triumphant entry of the antichrist in the world’s scene, POPE BENEDICT XVI will quickly escape from the Vatican as they will attempt to murder him. He will leave not due to fear, but to fulfil God’s plans opening the way the anti-pope, that will, for a short time, misuse the "Chair of Peter". Pope Benedict XVI will be on the run for seven months through different countries of the world. In Rome and in the world there will be bloodshed among Priests, Bishops and Cardinals and also the faithful. The Church will be almost eclipsed. Alm
ost all Tabernacles will fall apart and the Holy Mass abolished. Thousands of churches will be burned along with all sacred objects, garments and cult images.
11 - During these seven months, or 200 days according to DOM BOSCO'S prophetic dream, there will be the beginning of the most violent of persecutions against the Catholic Church, which has presently started; but not only the church, it will be against all of those who refuse to adore the beast. The prophecies notify that during this time there will be more martyrs in the Church than ever before. The entire planet Earth will be marked with innocent blood as well as with the blood of the rebellious, because none of them will remain on this planet!
12 – And a bigger persecution is going to happen from 23th May 2012 when the antichrist shows its paws and following the horrifying communism laws, which are being implanted at the present time, the third world war will start in front of a dreadful army of 200 million men in arms.

13 - This war will begin in Israeli lands as the antichrist wishes to destroy all the signs of JESUS’ passage; but its efforts will be frustrated because God will never allow this country to be destroyed. Israel, however, is going to launch an atomic bomb against Iran, which fulfils Our Lady of Lourdes’ prophesy.
14 - From Israel, which will be full of cadavers, the antichrist’s army will attack Europe – as per item number 2 above – provoking the most terrible carnage. The Communist - Muslim flag will be placed on the steeple of St. Peter’s Cathedral but the hatred army will not return home to celebrate victory. They will die right there as it is written they would fight one another.
15 - The effects of the war will be felt immediately worldwide. God will permit only 3 atomic bombs to be exploded; however these will rupture the Continents’ belt. The radiation effect will be terrible and will put all Nature in chaos. Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America will suffer more the direct effects of the war. The Rhine River will be dyed with human blood! Chemical weapons will be used transforming entire cities into graveyards. Many nations will be vanished from the planet, especially the most rebellious and challenger ones. These nations will taste hell still on Earth!
16 - Before the enemy armies, in desperation, explode all their nuclear arsenal, God will consent the falling of many pieces of stars onto the Earth (Apoc. 6:13). The biggest one will fall on the Antilles and will affect the whole planet. Minutes before the coming of this asteroid, which will not be detected by the scientists as it comes from a blind spot in space, God will give mankind the GREAT WARNING, as prophesied in Garabandal. This might take place between the end of July and the end of September 2012 (There is no fixed date). The animals, much more in tune with their Creator than mankind, will give us signs some days before. With the falling of the asteroid, the planet will rupture and 1/3 of mankind will perish!
17 – In the light of this, practically all war actions will not be viable as the tsunami will sink most of the ships and aircraft carriers. The Earth will be misaligned from its axis and lose its communication with the satellites. The entire 3900 volcanoes of the world will erupt simultaneously, filling the Earth with smoke and impeding the flights from a few remaining aircrafts. Also, the majority of the roads will not be viable to use and the majority of the soldiers will perish in war. Some countries will sink in the sea and Brazil itself, cracked from the North to the South, will be divided into 6 islands.      
18 – Soon after the asteroid’s fall, the Earth will be inundated in smoke and dust, as the Sun will be almost completely covered (Apoc. 8:12). The seasons will be completely changed as the tilted Earth will invert its poles. There will be tremendous
storms in certain areas immersing the planet in horror.
19 - This will trigger a horrific worldwide draught (Jer. 13 and Joel 1) and no supplies at all; and for those who DO NOT trust in the Lord, they will not have any provisions. Millions of men and women and animals will die from hunger and thirst as the asteroid will destroy the mountains where water spring sources can be found which will disappear. Everything that stays above the soil will be poisoned. Only in the places where God will take His children there will be food and spring water. In this time, the earth will give only rotten fruit below the soil and above it bad grains on the twigs. But those who are connected to God will lack nothing! Nobody should stock up food and water but share them. For those there will be nothing missing. Everybody will receive instructions on how to proceed in time! Heaven will descend visibly and in mass to help the children of God, those who love and blindly trust in the Eternal Father. Either the men trust in the Lord and live or rebel even more and die forever. In the end, only those who trust and love God will remain.
20 - Around this time, the Holy Father is going to get back and celebrate a Holy Mass at the Calvary, where incredible miracles will take place and will culminate in the Jewish people conversion, the last sign of Jesus’ proximity. But the antichrist and its minions will be still killing and persecuting those who do not adore it, until Justice comes; as it will be destroyed by God’s mouth blow and the splendour of His Glorious Return (II Thess 2). The antichrist reigning time will be 100 days plus 7 months. Right now, it already commands all governments. The poof of this, are the diabolical laws that are being sanctioned in preparation to its reign, also in Brazil.
21 - From the fall of the first asteroid until the end of days, there will be a time, around 3 months, of a most terrible tribulation and penury for those who do not believe in God, those who do not share and do not convert. The good ones fear not: God through His angels and saints will look after them! Many saints and priests already glorified in Heaven will come back to Earth in preparation to the Glorious Return of Jesus. The days will be shortened by God to only 12 hours. Everything will be overwhelming. It will be rapid for God’s children; terrible and mortal for the stubborn and scornful. Among them, the ones who do not believe in what we are affirming here! But everyone is free.     
22 - Around 18th December 2012, with some available resources then, the scientists will identify in the skies a second asteroid that arrives (Apoc. 8:10) and calculate that it will inevitably crash against the Earth and if that happens the entire planet’s lives will be extinct. The asteroid is 14 Km in diameter and travels @ 100000 Km/h. For 66 hours it will be visible in the sky and will mean that only a few remain without being converted. The terror will invade the planet!
23 – We will be between 21st and 22nd December 2012, when finally the asteroid arrives on Earth. In a clear demonstration of His Infinite Power, God, in the last fraction of a second, diverts the asteroid’s collision route against the Earth. But due to the fact that both have identical electrical charges, the Earth will receive a “monumental kick” getting lost into space and during 72 hours there will be only darkness. These will be the famous 3 days of darkness, which ends exactly in 25th December, Christmas Day and the initial date of the New Earth. If God did not act in that moment, even bacteria would not survive on this planet.

24 – It is exactly because of this darkness and because after that starts the counting of a New Era, that the Mayas saw nothing from 21st December 2012 onwards. The biblical dates match like that with the human elements. After all, is God Himself who revels to the Mayas, Chinese and Egyp
tians these fatidic dates. In other words: the Father knows the dates and can reveal them to whom He wishes to and has already done so (Apoc. 10:7). Who is going to prohibit Him? All the cited dates here fit in on the times and dates cited by Daniel the prophet and the Book of Apocalypse. They will not change and everything will happen exactly like that. The key to count the days of the end was the one in which the WTC towers in the US, collapsed in 11th September 2001.
25 - During the 3 days of darkness, people must be at home in prayer and use only candles blessed by the Priests which will light up the houses, no other source of light will. There are dozens of messages to our saints predicting this horrific event, which already occurred on Earth, during the Exodus’ time. During these hours of horror, the demons will be expelled from Earth and locked up in hell and with them the antichrist servants that remained loyal to him until the end. In the last instant, the monster will try to elevate itself to the skies simulating ascension but will fall to the ground and will be devoured by vermin.   
26 - Some days after these 3 days of darkness, Judgment Day will take place; where God will judge the entire humanity. The Purgatory will be extinct, the dead will resurrect, the Saints in Heaven will receive their Glorified bodies and the alive people in that moment, will stay to initialise the Love Civilization alongside with the glorified that God destined to come back to live here. As for the ones stubborn and rebellious that freely chose hell, God respects their decision.
27 – Happy are those who remained faithful until the end, these will be saved! Read (Isa 65:17). The New Heaven and the New Earth will come for the joy of God’s children. Everything will be accomplished! – The church will win! Peter will be a winner! There will be the triumph of MARY through the Triumph of the EUCHARIST!
During this time, certain facts will occur in the Catholic Church that need to be considered:
1.- The canonization of Pope John Paul II – the last Saint of the Church.
2.- The revelation in full of the third secret of Fatima by Pope Benedict XVI.
3.- The proclamation of the Dogma of Mary as a mediator and co-redeemer.
4.- The finding of the following sacred objects in various places of the planet, that will be used at the Calvary’s Mass:
(a). - Sacred Chalice
(b). - Moses’ Arc of the Covenant
(c). - Veronica’s Veil
(d).- The nails from the Crucifixion
(e).- The spear of Longino
(f).- The wine jug from the last supper and the seven small Chalices.
(g).- The scroll written by JESUS telling this last part of the human history.

JESUS Himself will appear during the Holy Mass in the Calvary and will read what He wrote 2000 years ago.
All of this will happen in the next 20 months. Everything will happen in an overwhelming way and will pass rapidly being easier for the children of God but it will be terrible and painful for His enemies, the scornful and those who do not believe in what we affirm here. Everybody is free. That is why we ask:
PLEASE, DEAR READER, DO NOT ignore these revelations, do not listen to those who speak against it because they are the real crazy ones. We know, because Jesus Himself already predicted that the majority will be taken by surprise and one day there will be coming an outpouring of fire which will wipe out the immense majority of the humanity. Only a few will survive.
WARNING: The first piece of the star will fall in 365 days from 11th April 2011 – It will not cause damage but will inflict an immense fear on mankind.
“What will happen on the next few days - the events will start on the next few days - will be more cataclysm, hecatombs,
disasters, wars and Earth’s own revolt that will make it to change. All of this is written and all of this will be fulfilled. THE WORLD WILL NOT END NOW! It will be transformed so that the children of God can live better in total happiness and in everlasting peace! Everything will happen but it will be for the better. Therefore, children you already know: It will remain only a few inhabitants from the Earth. God will rescue those of whom turn to Him in faith and love. So, it is necessary to pray for everybody’s conversion; it is necessary to convoke them to repent and change their life”. And so we ask: Are you, by any chance, going to ignore this last plea from Heaven? Will you want to get lost forever? Will allow your family and relatives to get lost?
WE SUGGEST: In order to understand better what has been written on this document, please have a read through on Chapter 24 of the Holy Gospel according to Saint Matthew.
Contact: (Tel.) ++55 47-3356-1154, (email) -
Trusting on God’s Infinite Mercy, however ready and subservient before His Eternal Justice, we are sure that it will be like it is described on this document. Prepare! Confess! Love! Share! Trust and pray daily (if possible) the Rosary in family! Therefore, do not fear; for you and your family that live all of these, there will be constant protection, plenty of water and food and you will not fall into despair. Trust in God! He will do all these things for our benefit! Don’t lament this passing world; the next one will be FANTASTIC! HE will come for those who believe...who love! To the stubborn and the rebellious... the abyss! And pray for the priests and bishops. They should be now alerting the people. But they “sleep”.

This text was produced by a Roman Catholic Faithful team fully entrusted to God’s Hand. Fearlessly we attest each letter of this document. Prepare yourself!
“Behold I come between the wreckage! I look for the children that want Me! Will it be you?” JESUS.

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