Be the good flame

English - Be the good flame
07/12/2008 14:07:44

English - Be the good flame

  No, my children! There is no need for you to be afraid: I shall never leave you alone!

 In other oportunities I have told you that I shall be driven away from holy places, from sacred places, from churches, from the places where before I was once loved....
 Yes, indeed, I shall be turned away from these places and for quite a while there shall be no place for me.
 But, Beloved Children, I shall never leave you alone!
 I shall never abandon those who love me; I shall never refrain from tending to those who should come looking for me.
 I shall always be a painstaking Mother, concerned about and gentle with her children... However, during the times to come which have already been described. I shall NOT be able to go in search of my children for the Father shall leave the pathways free for the enemies and those shall definitely forbid my presence or any kind of acts of praise or love towards Me! I shall not be able to go into or be in any of the ambients or places, but, children; I shall continue to visit your little hearts!
Every one of those who should go looking for me shall find shelter in my Heart, for I shall always have my Heart open to all o those children who should wish to live there.
 Therefore, you may always count on Me.
 There will be so much tribulation: there shall be ferocious onslaughts: the enemies will act in daylight and a lot of lives shall be taken; the name of God shall be used by the demons who shall carry out these “hideous acts”! Yes, my children, revolting acts shall be carried out in the name of God!
 There will be complete havoc and many children shall not find their way.
 The demons shall acts openly within families, in their houses: within society, in their leaders; in the churches in their pulpits and their altars! Abhorrence shall be preached to the four winds and all men shall become submissive to the demands of the enemies!
 It shall be total blackness! It shall be the victory of the darkness!
 An apparent victory: because in the hearts of the true children the light shall continue to shine; shall continue lit and the flame shall light up the terrifying paths concocted by the demons! Such pathways will therefore be consumed together with all of those who had sponsored them!
 As I have already told you, my children, the fire does not exist by itself! If the flames are thrown by the demons, they shall burn the good; if they are cast by the good, they shall burn the demons!
 May you be the GOOD flames of fire!
 Come to Me, my little children, in your moments of slavery. I shall help you to ignite the Divine flames of fire which shall cause the destruction and extermination of the enemies of God !
 May you be happy! Very happy! Amen!
 Maria, Mother of the Universe!
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