Look and you shall see!

English - Look and you shall see!
07/12/2008 14:05:23

English - Look and you shall see!


Beloved children: thank you so much for your love. I am truly enraptured by your love. And you are captivating God!
Children, it is already late, and nightfall is settling all over the earth.
This has to happen in this way, as the world is not moving forward following the paths which God has planned... And that is why the change has to take place!
But, children, you must not be afraid, as you may now be able to become the light which shall light up your steps and the steps of so many others.
You, are all light as well, now that love, peace and faith prevail in your hearts, and the conviction of the victory of God is in your hearts.
You must carry on this journey, even though many a time the path will seem to be unbearable.
You must be determined in your mission, for such an obligation means the rebuilding of the world and not only its reconstruction, but the begining of a New World.
God is there and His actions can be noticed all around the world!
Look and you shall see!
The World of the men of power begins to crumble and will collapse.
There will be even greater difficulties and the battles will be even greater and greater. Man will create a world for himself, in order to satisfy his hunger for power, his greed, but such a world does not suit the World of God.
The World that He wishes for his children.
God´s children deserve true happiness and although it may cost many of them pain in order to achieve it, this world of love shall come. And shall come soon! Amen!
I would like to thank all of you who are here and tell you: I shall never leave you alone, not even for a minute!
Thank you so very much everyone of those of you who have made this reunion possible which has given me so much joy!
I love you so very much! I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Mary Mother of the Universe!
There are 203,315 souls arriving in Heaven today, and that is why Purgatory is empty at this very moment. Thank you very much: the souls love you very much, you can count on them!
St. Michael
18th. October, 2008

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