God does not want to lose anyone

English - God does not want to lose anyone
07/12/2008 13:52:01

English - God does not want to lose anyone

“Beloved children!

 Yes!  It is all coming, it is on its way  and many of God’s children will be able to be converted...There are those who will NOT transformed!
 Save all Souls! Save all Souls! Save all Souls, this is the cry from Heaven! A cry full of hope!
 Actually, the Save All Souls Movement was founded by God Himself, with the sole intention of recovering souls for God! Save SOULS, not bodies!
 Many messages about the end of time were passed on to this Movement, and were disclosed so that all or many, would be able to have access to what is to occur or would be aware of what is to come, and all of this thanks to the PURE GOODNESS of The Father!
 The Father has sadly realized that many are not worried about the main aim, which is to Save All Souls, but are really only curious about finding out about what is to come…
 Unfortunately, such children are NOT cooperating with God! They are waiting for the outcome of history to occur, with their arms folded, without taking any part whatsoever in history with God! There are few left who are really participating in the main objective…
 Why, if messages about the end of time were transmitted and are still being done so, they are not being sent with the intention of  wishing for revenge nor for punishment to be applied,  but in order to  save! They are, therefore, warnings to all of God’s dearly beloved children!
 It has already been said to us many times that God does not wish to lose anyone at all ! It has also been said that God could do everything all by Himself, for His power exceeds any limit whatsoever, and in just one breath, He would be able to change everything!
 But, if that should happen in this way, what merits would any of God’s children have? What merits would you have?
 God’s wants to share the history of the world as well as its end with His children… He wants to prove to the demons that He, God, has good children!  That His children are strong enough to defeat the evil in the world, spread by the demons.
 Unfortunately, God has not seen any or most of His children’s taking part in this…There is a quest for information , but not for conversion! That is so sad! So very sad!
 What Heaven has asked for is: Pray all of you for the deliverance of the souls; pray all of you for the Ivory Tower!...
 Plenty of  wonders have already appeared with  the help of prayers, and because of that, it is essential that this should continue…
 You cannot understand these marvels as yet, for a lot still has to remain in secret, but you will understand!
 When your help was requested for a million souls in the Book of Light, you were told that a great miracle would take place. Many waited anxiously and lots of enquiries were made, but nearly everyone was awaiting a wordly kind of miracle!
 Because of a request from Heaven, the names of a million souls were spelled out in the Book of Light, and the Father, carrying out His promise, OPENED THE DOORS OF THE IVORY TOWER, so that those souls who were bound  there would be able to receive the  prayers intended for them  and  the resulting freedom ;  for those who had already been condemned to remain there until the end of the world! And the Tower was emptied out, much to joy of the Father!
 But it was completely emptied, as the last Grand Souls were willing to remain there, so that no one else would be able to have access to that very putrid place, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth! These Grand Souls are the Guardians of the Ivory Tower,  who  colaborated  with the plans of God  in this way, showing the great love that
they have for Him and for his children!
Therefore, the Ivory Tower has not yet fallen, as the world still has not yet been converted and, because of this many souls  could still go there!
 God does his work through miracles: He opens the doors of the Tower and invites the Guardians to remain there for its safety! 
 Obviously, such guardians are suffering  the consequences of the punishment to be carried out by all of those who should be there! A great and true love came to light, showing how great the hearts of those Blessed ones are! So great that they embraced ALL of the sins, of ALL of those who would have been condemned to remain there until the end of the world!
 And they are doing this for you! And how many do not and have not noticed the Love of God! Do not notice the miracles that God is making for the benefit of his children EVERY day!
 The hour of truth will come: the time for tears and regret…the time for justice will arrive! Who will inherit Heaven? Who will inherit the physical aspects of hell? That is God’s fear: Which children will be saved? In the rebellion of the angels, Hell was created…And in the rebellion of men…
 Children, pray, pray very much for the deliverance of God’s children! Pray for Purgatory: that is the main Mission of the Save All Souls Movement!
 God has trusted you for that Mission, Amen! Battle, pray and win! I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen! “Jesus”
 Red Lines – short passage
(The passage of the Message in Red Lines, dictated on 4th. September, 2000, has now been authorized by Jesus to be disclosed) 
 …There will be a sign from the sky! But there will be so many on earth, that man will appalled and will be able to see the power that comes from Heaven  clearly!  They will be able to,  but  many will not want to understand and will insist on keeping their eyes shut and ears covered, and will not want to admit that God is stronger than they are! To acknowledge that will be a nonexistant word in the vocabulary of millions of people, who are seized by arrogance, egoism, disrespect and a despicable lack of education: they are mere ignorant people! He will come for EVERYONE,and His Justice will be LETHAL, for millions! Amen!
 Porto Belo (SC), 25th. July, 2008

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