Don´t be afraid

07/12/2008 13:49:07
Recados - Don´t be afraid

 Dear children: Thank you very much! Thank you to all of you.
 Thank you for accompanying me and for allowing me to make you company in these moments in which the world starts to cross through the night...
. In fact, but the night is the longest, and the enemies will take advantage from the darkness to assault you and perform extraordinary damages among the children of God! Sit then alert, as they will seek to confuse you.
In Heaven you have millions of Saints that look upon you and diuturnally intercede for you: They love you!
 Stay alert my children! – Always ask for the utmost necessary Gift of Discernment and the Holly Ghost will fulfill you and you’ll than become winners!
Always trust in God and trust Me: I’ll be always walking beside you. But you will need strength, courage: - You should not be afraid!
Once more I tell you: Fear not! Amen?
You will receive many warnings, many guidelines, in conformity with the red highlighted ones, in due time. Amen!
Pray! Always pray!
You’re writing a beautiful and new history for the world.
From Heaven, both Philomena and Sister M. pray also for you!
I love you very much.
I Bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
"Mary, Mother of the Universe!" 
 July,10th, 2008

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