Be Apostles of my love

English - Be Apostles of my love
07/12/2008 13:48:04

English - Be Apostles of my love

 Good afternoon, beloved children! The Temple that God loves most is the one in your hearts!
 In fact, my children, many magnificent temples in the world draw attention because of their splendor and sheer size, but do not draw hearts any more!
 How many promises of love man has already made! But God does not see those promises of love fulfilled!
 Beloved children, the world is vanishing: the world is approaching its end days… and man has not learnt to love God!
 Further, I will say: he has not learnt to love himself and the other children of God, who very often and in thousands of places claim for a crumb of love.
 My children: be yourselves my Apostles of love!
 My apostles, and therefore apostles of My love! Amen.
 In fact, there will be nothing profitable in your lives, if you do not practice true love: my love!
 The love that forgives, that suffers for others, that follows or at least tries to follow the ways of the Father and that helps the other children to find those same ways!
 Beloved children, you are My Church and I feel happy in your homes and in your hearts, because in there I receive love and gratitude.
Thank you very much Z.! Thank you very much B. I will always be here by your side. You can count on me always!
 Thank you to all of you and remember I will always be at your service! Amem.
 I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
 Greet each other with love, as if “others” would do it, Amen!
 And after:
 Beloved children thank you!
You already know: I am always where my Son Jesus is, and today He is in your beautiful hearts!
I love you very much and bless you.
 ‘Mary, Mother of the Universe’
 Message received by the Confidant Cláudio on July 4th, 2008

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