Woe to False Prophets!

English - Woe to False Prophets!
07/12/2008 13:43:05

English - Woe to False Prophets!

 Beloved children!
Heaven has difficulty in transmitting information to its children, for all sorts of reasons: 
 Fear takes over people, when they find out about future events and attempt to make a change in their behaviour so as to, in most cases, put a stop to their life stories!
 The story also comes to a halt for many others when they think that there is no more need for them to find out about their future since we are so close to the end of time!! 
 To others, the information about the end of all ages is nothing more than a mere joke, used as a tool to make fun of the prophets or of the instruments of God, chosen for this Mission, and due to all of this hostility the evil ones keep these chosen ones away from society, even imprisoned, and, as these prophets are conscientious of and devoted to their missions, they suffer great spiritual martyrdom!
 Many as they do not have enough strength end up collapsing!....
 Another reason which makes it difficult for us to receive any information from Heaven is because of bad prophets: the false prophets! Those who feed off prophecies already revealed by others, and they then proceed to rectify them with incoherent sentences and as they are deeply involved with these unscrupulous hysterical fancies they proceed to transmit meaningless facts … by lying, inventing stories that they claim to have received from Heaven! They are a disgrace to the world!
 And the authentic prophets cannot even manage to convey the truth, as it becomes so entangled in the middle of all of these false prophecies which those evil prophets have managed to place there and then throw all of it into an array!!
This confusion, then doesn’t allow the true messages, coming from God, to be revealed and accepted, thus making any perception almost impossible!
 God only speaks one language: the truth! His Word is only One!!
 Therefore, the prophets who contradict each other cannot be true ones!
And so who is the true bearer of the truths from Heaven?
 The children of God are having tricks being played upon them, or they then become muddled and end up not believing in anything at all!
 The evil prophets have their future sentence already disclosed and determined by God: they will be banished to perpetual fire!
But, who are they?
           “By the fruits you will know the tree!”
You must, therefore, beloved children, be on the look out, remain aware, as the demon, who is the father of all lies, is the one who guides those evil ones, and makes allowances, arguments, and with enough astuteness manages “even to mislead the children of the light!”
 The trees that produce bad fruits are rotten trees, and they can only survive by feeding off others….
 The prophets who don’t follow the paths of God and are moving far away from the Church, cannot be prophets; the prophets who go against the Catholic Church, cannot be prophets either; nor can the prophets whose predictions generate hatred, be prophets.
 Such prophets are not the children of God!
 And, beloved children, how this world is full of these thorns and troubles!
 God wants to speak to his children, but his children are unaware that t
hey are having the wool being pulled over their eyes!!

 Therefore, due to all this many things already shall not be told;
 Plenty of information will have to be camouflaged and only be disclosed at the end;
 Nor will many letters be able to be written either!
 So many muffled, suffocating words…
 God is wise and therefore shall take steps with a different approach,, but the children will be missing out, as due to all of this they will have to walk in the dark!
For now, however, the true prophets exist and will go into immediate, perpetual action in obedience to an express order from God! Amen!  
 Woe to the false prophets! Woe to the swindlers! Many children will be lost because of them which will cost them so very much!
 Little children, do pray to the Holy Spirit and He will manage to get the truth over to you, showing you who are “the true friends of God” and flooding you with gifts!
 But many children will remain in ignorance… Even because, they don’t look for the truth!
Actually, those who allow themselves to be deceived, do not know the Word of God which is revealed to us in the Holy Bible! They do not read the Holy Scriptures! They are ignorant!
 Watch out for the signs: Behold I am coming. Amen!
Beloved children: Look straight ahead!   Look up high and follow the path without stopping, without taking a rest, without stumbling…
 You shall see God! Amen!
 I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
Message received for the Confidant Claudio in 27.05.08

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