Prostrate before the Eucharist

English - Prostrate before the Eucharist
26/11/2008 10:06:39

English - Prostrate before the Eucharist

Loved little sons:
Oh! How I love you! Thank you very much also, for your love.
I would like asking to you, I have in mind what will come to follow, which you prostrate yourselves daily around the Eucharist, in order to praise a Lord of the Armies because of dedicating so many love on behalf of his children, when, loving  His son Jesus, you ask for Him the sacrifice on behalf of the humanity!
 The Eucharist is, then, the Love of the Father, corresponded by his Son and anointed in the transubstantiation for the Holy Spirit... God is there!
 The Sacrificed Lamb, bring the Trine God to the loved children of God!
 I ask you, then, to prostrate yourselves daily around this Mystery, to adore God and ask for him the redemption of the remainder of the children.
 In fact, God wants to rescue all!
 And your love, your perseverance, your struggle and prayers, they are instruments more than clever for the conversion and sanctification of many.
 Continue your struggle, your dedication to God and, especially, being always obedient for Him, because He, and only He, knows what it is better for all of you. 

 Little sons: again I want to thank your presence and obedience to my call!
You are, in fact, assistant builders of the New Kingdom!
 Witness Him in your element, without fear!
I will be, Jesus will be and the Sky completely, by your side at the moments more cruciantes of your struggle. And you will win! Amen!
 Worry about the Kingdom and completely more you will receive it like a present of the Sky!
Thank you very much, my Apostles, chosen in 72: thank you very much by your conviction and your love!
 Thank you very much, Priest J., Priest Alfredo, Brother Renato, Brother Ilário... Thank you very much by your acceptance and your pledge!
 Thank you very much to all of you here! Always dispose Of me!
I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
“Mary, Mother of the Universe!”
 “Children, thank you!”
 “The hour is still not arrived, but God, by you, free the Orides! Amen! ”
 “I love you very much. I bless you!"
Message received by the Confidant Claudio  in March 30, 2008.

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