Heroes of the Grace

English - Heroes of the Grace
26/11/2008 10:03:52

English - Heroes of the Grace

"Peace!" Beloved children: have Much Peace!

 I address myself especially to those who, with love and faith, participated in the Ivory Amnesty, with the sole aim of freeing up the great souls confined there, following the mission given to the Save Souls Movement, by God Himself!

 Indeed, God in His Trinity, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, relied on the success of this mission and, therefore, in each one of the participants!

 And thus, at every stage monitored and supported each one, when it became necessary, so that the enemy would be kept at bay and, quite often, knockouted!

 Really, the enemy tried to attack you by all lawful means available to him, and thus managed to topple the purpose of so many: cautiously, smoothly, directed its venom to many, succeeding that those diverted themselves to their own aims, such as work, family, friends, profits, prosperity, and letting all this prevail upon the request of God Himself, which guided the Mission for the release of the great souls, who in turn, dedicated their sufferings and punishments to all those who were invited by God!

 God could have invited children from any corner around the world ... However, He invited friends and participants of this movement, which in turn might have invite the whole world! And it was not about an invitation to participate in the Save Souls Movement, but a call to seek God's children, drowned in puddles of mud, soaked by the waters of infuriated storms! ... They were scared! Afraid of exposing their selves!

 However, it was said many times that God does not leave anyone, and therefore no one should not be afraid; that the enemy would attack, but that God would protect each one; that many sufferings would arise, much pain, but that all this would be necessary to sum up to the prayers! ...

 Many lived fully the Ivory Amnesty: pains, sufferings, anguish and even some fear, but remained firm until the end, because they fully trusted God's love and care!

 Their prayers, their pains were placed without a single "waste" as levers to "unjam" those "Jammed" up to their necks and as a springboard to the liberator jump of thousands of militants!

Yes, because thousands of militants, by the example of these heroes who had no fear or shame, sought after the correct path, and diverting themselves from evil, found their liberation!

 Then, God to the children who, taking into account the suffering of the souls, have dedicated themselves earnestly and courageously to the fight for their liberation, grants them the title of Heroes and entitles them the grace of salvation of all those belonging to their families and for all that, in a particular way, were offered prayers ...

 Millions of children came back to the Paternal House and many more will follow!

Beloved children: this is God acting! But, more much than that! These are God's children acting in accordance with the Father!

 Ah! If just like that EVERBODY abide by God's invitations, crying out for help, not for himself but for that ALL children may have a plentifull life!

Plentifull Life !

 Not real estate, houses, cars, farms, luxury, honors, glory, fame, fortune ... But life in fully! And this is the prize: the plenitude of Life!

 Thank you to all that, for the sake of God and only by Love to Him, without expecting anything in return, dedicated themselves from "body and soul" to this campaign that is a faithful portrait of the true Love of God, which always seeks the best, not for oneself but for all His children!

 To these the prize is Divine and unbelievably fantastic!

 Thank you, beloved children! You will notice in your daily deeds, the gains, the profits that you did justice to, and much more that God will add and do happen! Amen!

Today, in the Moment of Mercy, (at 15 o’clock) God rescued Bársabas and in his place accommodate Orides, which has occupied on earth, the throne of Peter! Now, at the end of this beautiful campaign is bringing to Heaven Lucio Spanish and Simon and makes available to your prayers, more two great souls incarcerated in the Tower!

 At the bottom of the Tower, there remains only one! The enemy will open warfare upon all of you, because of this soul:Fight, confront and win! Amen! Continue thus praying and offering your gifts for this just cause that forwards the embrace of the Good Father to His beloved and expected children! Amen! And always count on Me! I love you in excess! Thank you! I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

 Mary, Mother of the Universe!

 Children: the enemy is cunning and voracious! Therefore it is necessary to remain alert and in full intimacy with God! Count on Me and thank you! Amen! "Saint Michael."

Beloved children! To you who participated in the Ivory Amnesty I say: you have Enriched Heaven and God rejoiced with you! Amen!

I bless you. "Jesus!"

 Message received by Claudio, Confidant, on 21.03.08

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