The Father cannot tolerate it

English - The Father cannot tolerate it
26/11/2008 10:03:06

English - The Father cannot tolerate it

 Beloved children: Thank you so very Much. Once again you have touched the Heart of the Father and all of Heaven! The Father has been very deeply moved so many times because of you! And because of you, He has done so much in your favour,   and for the whole world as well!
 Indeed, the Father has postponed his plans so often! He has always felt for his children, and as he is always listening to your prayers, has granted you some more time!
 But, children, there is not much left which may be put off or postponed, for the Father has already done everything he possibly could: he has given you chances, opportunities, advice and warnings… And all of that ever since the beginning of time!
 The Father cannot tolerate any more… His patience is fading away... Still and all   He still hopes for, looks forward to the return of many of his children…He still longs to hold all of them in his arms. Nevertheless, He fears for the loss of many others, before the conversion of those who He is waiting for!
 That is why, little children, He will be taking action at any coming moment …And everything will be transformed! However, He will keep to the moment in time as was predicted, which means, as already had been foreseen, He will act according to the time limits given!
 So then keep a look out … Be on constant alert. The earth cannot tolerate so much pain anymore. God cannot tolerate so much badness nor so much indifference any longer!
 The world will then change! It will change for the better, even so in order for it to do so it will have to undergo a lot more pain, more suffering and have to go over a lot of its children, all in the name of its Martyrdom!
The world will change for you! For your happiness! Await and pray! You may always count on Me! Amen!
Thank you so very much every one of you and even more so those who, with such love, have made everyone remember the story of the Passion of Christ…The story of your Salvation! 
         And to all of you who have come from very far off places, thank you so very much!You may always count on Me! In fact, none of you will leave here empty handed! Amen!Thank you so very much all of you! I love you so very much! Carry on praying for the Ivory Tower: it will fall this year! I bless you all, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
 “Mary, Mother of the Universe!”
 Message received by Claudio, the Confidant, on 15/03/2008

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