Winners you will be

English - Winners you will be
26/11/2008 10:01:09

English - Winners you will be


My beloved children: Thank you very much for your love!
You do know that I also love you very much and that I will always have you in my heart! So you can rely on me in every moment of your journey, and in any kind of situations, for I’ll always be one step further close to you.
Dear children, a lot has been spoken already about the Kingdom that is still to come and much more you'll be told further, given that the Father bears a huge concern for the fate of their children: He doesn’t want to lose anyone!
The whole Heaven accompanies you along this walking path for the souls, for those of the Ivory Tower ... But, dear children, the enemy does and will also make you company throughout the entire journey and because of that, many sufferings, many attacks, many trials will happen ... But you shalt not be afraid because God is stronger! Amen!
And Heaven makes you company with the Saints, the Angels, the Suffering ... and with God!
So fear you cannot, and you‘ll be always victorious!
Also, you do count always on Me.
And, beloved children, you will need still further more protection when finally the beginning of the end truly comes!
The starting of the New Kingdom.
The trials, the fights, the persecutions will be even bigger and many times you’ll feel weak or abated and up with doubts and willing to abandon everything ...
But this is the only path to Heaven! The only path to God: to offer yourselves completely as victims for the salvation of the children of God and, in a quite special way, for your families. Amen!
Move on, dear children and you’ll be winners.
I thank you all of you and in a very special way to those who, from distant cities and states, here came to demonstrate their great love! Thank you!
To all of you I ask: Keep praying for the Ivory Tower, praying for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, the Holy Catholic Church! Amen!
 I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
"Mary, Mother of the Universe!"
 Message received by Claudius on the 9th February, 2008

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