RL - The final battle

English - RL - The final battle
26/11/2008 09:56:43

English - RL - The final battle

Red Lines
 Just as these lines are spread, a strong struggle of the enemy will begin against this Movement and against all those who of it make part.
The struggle will bring terrible sufferings and deep pains!
Such tribulations, such trials, will serve of support to the souls, so, they will cover the punishments for them owed, and so they will reach more quickly Heaven, and this will happen also with those who will be in the Great Tower!
The enemy will not neither leave you alone nor your families not even an instant.
A love still bigger of your part will be necessary, and the certainty of which, with this, God will be able to open the doors of Heaven, or of the kingdom you're looking for!
You will add up patience, fortress, faith and love!
You will fight with heat and without truces, so enemy so will do!
Heaven lives in constant battles in the help to the children who in the land survive the tribulations provoked by the enemy.
Heaven lives in battle in the defense of the rash children and who take risks.
Have wages war incessantly in the search of the release of the God's children!
Thick, cruel, bloody struggles and without truces...
Nevertheless, from now on, these struggles will also be yours!
And never there were struggles like these before!
You are now the warriors who need to determine the enemy its proper place!
Yes, the men must proceed so, so that the enemy can be defeated and so removed by the man itself: the man needs to show its force, its power, its faith...
The last battles belong to the man!
The Victory will belong to the man!
And so the man will always have a right of living with God, forever!
And he will live in the New Paradise!
The devil changed the man in the beginning of the history... The man will dominate the devil, in the end of the same history! And forever!
Little sons fight! It will not be easy, since the problems will multiply and for very often, you will consider yourselves weak, and the doubts will take place in your hearts.
It will be very difficult! And they will give up much of the battle!
To the winner, the Cup of the Love!
The eternal recognition of the God's Love, and the consequent prize promised by Him:
The Paradise in the New Kingdom, with God, forever! Amen!
The struggle began! Amen!
 Between the lines, message received by the Confidant Cláudio in 09/30/07

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