RL - There are eight great barriers

English - RL - There are eight great barriers
26/11/2008 09:53:35

English - RL - There are eight great barriers

        Altogether, they are eight great barriers! You must use all of your strength and love in order to overthrow them. As soon as they are demolished, the path of the children will open up wide and then, Heaven shall be outstandingly visible!
        The Eclesiastic Maçonary which proliferates in my Church is spreading out its feelers all over the earth in order to achieve its purposes. It is impeding the forming, by the Holy Spirit, of good, decent youngsters who have received God´s Calling. They wish to devote their lives to the Holy Church and also to dedicate themselves to and for the benefit of their fellow brothers, but then they find themselves hindered by “masters” of the world, who hamper the carrying out of their vocations! You must battle on in order to overthrow all of this. You must pray, for your weapon is Prayer!
        You must fight, and you already know that your weapon is Prayer. So strive avidly to pull down, the so-called, Episcopal Conferences, which are groups greedily pursuing their independence: powerful City Halls, which want to disaggregate from the United Body of the Church, are withdrawing completely from the Holy Father who is the head of this Body! You must pray for the dismantling of the Episcopal Conference.
        Pray for the disassembling of the Universal Kingdom of God Church, which apparently seems to shine out before families in their own homes, but whose goal is one of illegal and profane enrichment, as it carries out its tricks by using the name of God. Such a church never was and never shall be universal, for the Universe belongs to God and only He can own a Universal Church, and that is the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. Weeds sprout up from Macedos´s church, scatter all over the earth and lodge like murderous parasites in the hearts of those who are credulous! Do pray in order to pull it down!
        Pray for the taking apart of the New Era Theology, which has nothing whatsoever to do with God, nor does it even study God: it studies man, in order to give him the deadly thrust which will then separate him from God, making him then follow remote paths. Heresies and profanity are its strong points! Pray in order to tear it down! Your Mission will have to be a loyal one, but you must not use mortal weapons: you must use your Heart and with all of of your love wish for the children to come back to our Father,. Amen!
  Message received on the 4th. September, 2000
 - Jesus there are still 03 left! – There are still 04, son! There are still, 04!
        You must pray in order to break up the Evil  Scientists, who although endowed with intelligence and many gifts, work for evil. They contest and oppose God, making the children believe that He is a farce! They use all kinds of secret, illegal, depraved means to deceive and in that manner destroy the healthy doctrine! The gifts are given by God – by the Holy Spirit – in order to unite man, in order to improve life, in order to help man to understand and to get to know God, his Father and the Creator better! Science, however, guided by evil ones, is out to destroy God! God, shall never be destroyed! Pray for the destruction of pernicious science! 
        You must pray in order to dismount the Dictators who rule the world! They make themselves rich by trampling all over the poor, the outcasts, families and religion...Deaths, unfair impr
isonment, every kind of folly... They use force so as to make themselves greater by means of the power, the violence and hate that they have...Pray to subvert all of this!
        Pray to undo Spiritualism! You must never accept a doctrine which wounds the Holy Spirit by means of a head on confrontation: spiritualism denies the saviour the Power, bestowed by God on his Son, which frees man for all eternity. Spiritualism, when preaching reencarnation, denies such a Power: the Power of the Holy Spirit! The sin against the Holy Spirit is made by whosoever accepts it as such, and therefore Hell. For as it was said before: “The sins against the Father or against the Son, may be forgiven, but the sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven!” Therefore, spiritualism is the pathway to hell! Pray to decimate it.
         Pray to annul the so-called Theology of Liberation: which is wicked, dangerous, treacherous, with weapons pointed towards every little heart. There is no doctrine in it in which you can find any deliverance, for it only preaches the release of the body, from physical life! The Church founded by God seeks the eternal salvation for the souls, so that one day they may be intimate with God: As a non-physical Spirit! Do repel such a theology, which has absolutely nothing to do with God either! Pray to pull it down!
        Your Mission, therefore, is vast and you shall have to undergo a lot of suffering, as the enemies will not leave you alone, in peace! Do pray, children! Do pray a lot! Amen! And count on Me! I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
 Message received on the 7th. September, 2000

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