RL - In ashes it will transform

26/11/2008 09:52:11
English - In ashes it will transform

 The man, stubborn, turns round to the world, to the worldly and banal things, and sticks only to that, and from that do its history!
Loses its history!
So the true history is God’s!
But This one is distant! And everything He does the man forgets! And everything He did is also already forgotten!
God is marginalized! The man put Him to the edge! The man and his proud heart...
And in the threshold, the time! The time of the man that goes away!
And the noblest creation, most harmonious, the most perfect of God’s creatures - the man - lost his identity! Mixed with the irrational ones and it acts like them: it tracks on the worldly mud.
 Poor man! In ashes it will transform!
The man does not want to see nobody... seized itself owner and calls itself owner of everything! Poor man! In ashes it will transform!
And so, what it does and did, because God will transform land and man...
The Paradise will return! For the Children! For the children only!
God will carry out his sentence: the prize to the children whom really love Him in the land full of sun.
In this land there will not be place for the man, since it changed into ashes and never will it make part of it...
 Message received in 13/11/2000

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