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Red Lines

What are Red Lines?

While bringing doctrine and guidelines for our life, the Red Lines carry mainly an ALERT: we are at the end times!
They are warnings and more drastic summons, so that we can ascertain our steps, on the verge of what, at any moment, will unfold: the final intervention of God in the world, so as to put it in order, to allow His children to live up to satisfaction. After all, this is what every father wants for his children: their well-being, a proper living, their full happiness, peace ... And God has rights, since everything is His!
The red lines are messages also dictated to Claudio, especially by Jesus, and written in-between the lines of the normal messages: when Claudio receives the messages, a direction is given to always leave an open line, that is: he writes a line and leaves the next one in blank, and so on, successively. In those blank lines, messages in red are written down, which can not be disclosed on the same date of reception but, yes, when a given order from Heaven is put forth! (*)
These messages bear a different mood or connotation from the ordinary messages, which are softer, mild, and more conciliatory ... Messages in Red Lines are direct, tough, straight forward and are aimed to actually open our eyes. To draw our attention! They are advices and calls so that we can see further and better what is really going on in the world and what's up to happen, since we’re mostly indifferent or unaware of this. God loves us and does want to save us.
Red lines have been dictated since the year 2000, and are still being dictated today, but will only be disclosed in the due appropriate moments: when Heaven commands it! There are a multitude of them...
There are also 16 "secret" messages, thus given, which will only be made available under an order from Heaven! Heaven knows what it does. It is our task, simply to obey; because we know that Heaven always does the best. God does the best. Amen!

There is also a secret: How are the red lines written? It's a secret! Can Claudio, at the same time, write in different lines and in two colors?  
04th July, 2007

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