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26/11/2008 09:47:57
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 ...But no longer shall I be able to enter peoples´ homes: The enemy the devil, will close the doors of the houses of those who follow him. And there will be no more time left for conversion!   Today I can join families, I am welcome into their hearts and I am quite happy to be able to be part of each and everyone’s story, but there again I shall no longer be able to proceed as before...
 My intercession, my prayer, my concern, will always remain with you, but my presence will not be there anymore!
 Our Father will not allow me to visit any of the families anymore! For a given period of time, none of the families will seek me...
 Afterwards, they will once again go looking for me and their quest will not all be in vain, since our Father will be examining and making note of those who are the favored ones and then proceed to expel the demons.
 Therefore, my dearest children, you are now still living in times full of Hope, full of Opportunity ...   But you shall no longer be able to live it to the full further on!
 Do make good use of your time, which is so precious and already is so scarce!
 But do this on behalf of all of the children of God, because there will never be any chance of visiting those who are selfish...
 Man belongs to Heaven and Heaven belongs to man, with absolutely no chance of any special benefits for anyone whatsoever! God does not choose! God reaps!
 Children, dearest children: bear good fruit...Make good use of this time while it is still yours for you to do so! Amen! Trust God, pray and wait!
 I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
 “Mary, Mother of the Universe!”

 Message received on the 05.09.2000

 Now, whilst speaking to Saint Michael, he warns me that:  “The other religions will carry on a vicious campaign against Our Lady and many Catholics and even priests, will agree with it...” Cláudio

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