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You made a beautiful work
English - You made a beautiful work
07/12/2008 14:03:32

English - You made a beautiful work

    Little Children loved: Much Peace!

Desire to direct me to the little children that had participated active and ardently of the Decisive Amnesty: Thanks very much!
You made a beautiful work! You spilled much love!
And because of this your gesture, many things will move in the world!
The Decisive Amnesty had as objective main, to knock down the Ivory tower, in order to take to the heaven the children who are there, and, the five of “ veranda”, are at this moment (13, 00 hours) leading to the Father, your hugs and the recognition for yours so great love about with them and for your persistence in the direction to free to all. 
The Father hugs them now, and receives your messages!
Now you tend more five saints that it will incessantly guard and intercede for all and for your families. E will intercede for this world that not yet was converted! At they you can ask for the intercession to:
 Inocêncio, for the unit of the Church, therefore has necessity of if fulfilling what it are said: “It will have one alone flock and one alone shepherd!” 
 Marcinkus, you will have to ask for to the indifference of the Church to the corporeal properties and the consequent physical impoverishment, for also the consequent poverty of spirit, therefore thus the Church could only be allowed to the Sky to all the Church!
 Imaculada, you will ask for to the protection for children, young, vocations and consecrated, therefore all these run risks! Many risks run!
 DATEL you must ask for the conversion of the clergy of the Theology of the Release. Such theology moves away him (Datel) from the true ways, even so being him, shepherd of an immense flock. Now he has the mission to intercede for the return of the priests to the correct ways, far from the false theologies.
 TAQ also you must ask for the priests, but for all, therefore in all the segments exist the corruption, the clutter, the lovelessness and the consequent removal of the ways of God!
Little Children loved, you continue yours walked of love, therefore very still it needs to be made…
These great souls that today are become free, had been now, instruments for the containment of the opening of the last stamp!
With effect, thanks to the immediate intercession of them, the time can still be extended, so that more children can return to the arms of the Father; so that billions of livings can know the true Father…
Therefore, you do not have to only ask for the coming of the New Kingdom, but the conversion of all the children of God!
Of “ veranda”, two other great souls will follow you, but you will have knowledge of its identities and facts, opportunely!
Desire to ask for to you that you very continue praying, despite for many, either reason of laughs… But the coffer is almost ready! Who will enter in it?
You pray, Little Children and you invite others to pray… I invite you to participate it of the next Amnesty: the Ivory Amnesty, with the same objective, with the same prayers, not forgetting to include between them the Love’s Chalice (Cálice de Amor), the prayer elaborated for one little child that I love so much and to who I am thankful with my blessing special!
The Ivory Amnesty, will be initiated in February, 05 and will finish in the day of the Passion!
Thanks a lot, little children and in a special way, I am thankful the ones that had not measured efforts to participate with love and attention of the Decisive Amnesty!
God decided for optimum: for the salvation and release of theirs loved children!
You still tend, in such a way, a little more than time! Amen!
Many fights will occur during this year and almost all you will be involved in them: it will be one year difficult! You fight and you are successful!
Many attacks will happen in your proper families: you continue, however, firm! God is stronger!
Desire to also ask for the adjournment of the visit of the Claudio to the Rio Grande do Sul, that would happen in February and to the Bahia and Espirito Santo, that would happen between March and April: that is necessary for the security of this house and all the ones that are on in this mission!
Desire to ask for to the children of these places the understanding and the constant prayer for this Movement, that faces difficulties and difficult fights! Amen!
Thanks very much!
I bless to all the participants of this Movement and special way to the participants of the Decisive Amnesty, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
 Thanks very much, Little Children so loved! And you always count On me! Amen?
“Maria, Mother of the Universe!”
Message received in 01/10/08 for the Confidant Claudio.


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