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Take a note of september the 13th
English - Take a note of september the 13th
07/12/2008 13:53:22

English - Take a note of september the 13th

 The words belong to Jesus:
 This work is beautifully done, and you are living up to the Mission that God gave you!
 I ask you never to lose heart, even though sometimes it will seem to you that you are all alone!  Other times you will be set upon harshly: and other moments your strength will give way…But it needs to be like this!
 However, in spite of it all, you must not fail to keep up your courage nor your faith strong within you! Your faith in God must not weaken!
 Indeed, God will not forsake you! He believes in you and watches over you and observes your Mission constantly!
 Yours work is beautiful! You are good workers! Amen. I give you my blessing. “Jesus!”
 (During the Holy Mass, Jesus remained on the premises, always visible, showing great tenderness and love for this moment and for all of those present.)
 Now the following words belong to Our Lady:
 Thank you very much, my beloved children! You have done wonderful work and have shown God so much love! These days will be engraved in Heaven and all of those who came here to take part will be remembered! Those who worked, those who prayed, those who made any self-sacrifice, those who willingly gave of their services, those who were in the “aerials”, “antennae”.
All of you will be remembered forever in the Heart of Jesus, in my Heart and in all of Heaven!
 There will be so many blessings taking place! Thank you very much! You can always count on Me! Amen! Let me give you my blessing. “Mary, Mother of the Universe! 
(“Aerials”, “antennae”, the people who became victims during the retreat, due to the series of bouts of pain, migraines, insomnia, tummy or kidney colics, in short, a series of onsets that they had to endure. These painful moments prevented the enemies from approaching those who were in charge of the retreat! These great people who interceded were true “aerials”, or “antennae”! Praise Be to God! Amen.)
 Now the Words that follow belong to St. Michael:
 On the 13th September, please, take note of the following: It is the
Third Day of the 1.260… As to the present prophets, take note: 
Revelations, in Chapter 10, on word (verse) 4 and on word (verse) 11… Therefore, you will already live what was prophetized for you…Amen. “St. Michael!”
 (On the 13th. September, the Staircase of Heaven will start…) 
9th. August, 2008


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