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The gift of discernment
English - The gift of discernment
07/12/2008 13:46:58

English - The gift of discernment

Lovely rich kids: thank you!
 I want to ask you to be prepared always, as for what is happening or will happen to the world, as for what is happening or will happen into the Church.
Many God’s children are being excluded and they are not accept any more, because of their going on rights pathways, that is, the really “God’s friends”, the really “Evangelists”, the really “Apostle” are being prohibited of saying truths, and they are priest and layman.
The world closes the door to Heaven’s Evangelists trying to stop or to destroy the Mission given to them from God!
Be prepared, because wolves are into the Church. But you’ve got to understand: “I will send you in the middle of wolves…” And so, this is your Mission!
You must announce, proclaim with brave and love. A lot of God’s children are waiting for your signs, your words, and your love!
God figures on you. He wants to hug you, but He wants to hug all his children in the world!
Be alert! Pray!
And in your prayer you should ask to Holy Spirit the Gift of Discernment, because you will need It to much!
Be prepared and pray to don’t be confused. Amen!
I will be always with you!
And in the tribulations I will be with you as your servant at your service. Amen!
I love you so much!
I bless you in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen!
 “Mary, Universe’s Mother!”
This message was receipt by Confidant Claudius in 28.06.2008.


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