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Come back all to the Father
English - Come back all to the Father
07/12/2008 13:45:32

English - Come back all to the Father


Beloved children: Thank you for your Love!
Eu também vos amo muito! I also Love you very much
         I thank all those who made possible this meeting and to all of you that, today, here praised God and his Saints. Thank you very much. You can always count on Me in every instance of your life.
I am very happy to be able to join you; for having been able to accompany you by these days; I am happy to be able to love you!
Dear children, I have always wished you all to be embraced by God, by Jesus and by all the Saints and Souls, and this I asked God and He did not fail to meet my demands, and because of that thousands of Saints participated with you from this day of prayer, and many of them are from your families.
Dear children, Heaven realizes the walking path of men and sees the world collapsing to chaos and is afflicted by it and also afraid of losing its families ... God is afraid of losing his children!
And God does everything for the conversion of all to occur: so as to have the return of all to the Father.
God sends prophets, Evangelizers, messengers, finally, uses all means, for being worried about its children's fate.
Everything is near and already there is no much more time left.
                But, dear children, have certainty: None of your home will be lost!
                And all of you here present, will see wonders, because Wonderful is this God that loves you so much!
So, fear not, because you’re well kept in the Father’s heart.
Pray always for the Holy Church, for the Holy Father, for the priests and pray for your children.
God is greater and will make unity, so desired by Jesus, happen! Amen!
Thank you very much, dear children.
I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
"Mary, Mother of the Universe!"
Message received by Claudio, on 21.06.08


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