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For the fruits you will know the tree
English - For the fruits you will know the tree
07/12/2008 13:41:04

English - For the fruits you will know the tree

Beloved Children!
The heaven finds difficulties in bringing informations to the children, for different reasons:
 The fear takes care the persons, when they know of the future events and make changing his behaviors to point of, in a lot of cases, stopping their histories!
 The history stops, also for many others, when they think that there isn’t more necessity to look for the future, because everything is near of the end!
 For others,  the informations on the end of the times do not pass of jokes, reasons for mockeries and the prophets or God's instruments, chosen for this Mission, are marginalized, prisoners, and, conscious of his mission, they suffer the spiritual torture!
 Many people fall without strength! ...
 Another motive that makes difficult the informations for part of the heaven, they are the bad prophets: the false prophets! These feed on prophecies already spread by others, and correct those with passages without connection and in his unscrupulous daydreams they transmit facts without sense ... and liars, inventing you recount what they say to have lives of the heaven! They are the shame of the world!
 And the authentic prophets do not get to transmit the truth, since this one is tangled amid the false prophecies spilled by bad prophets!
 This confusion, does not allow then what the true messages, arrived from God, and are accepted, since the discernment becomes almost impossible!
 God speaks only a language: the truth! One is only His Word!
Therefore, there cannot be true the prophets who contradict themselves!
 And which is the truthful bearer of the truths of the Sky?
 The God's children are confused, or they get confused and in the end, believe in nothing!
 The bad prophets have his sentence already revealed and determined by God: they will be banished for the eternal fire!
 But, who are they?
 “For the fruits you will know the tree!”
 You have to, loved children, be an alert, remain alert, since the devil, father of the lie, he is the driver of these bad ones, and have subsidies, arguments, cunning “to deceive up to the children of the light!”
The trees that produce bad results are rotten trees, and what they only can survive, sucking others...
The prophets who do not survive the God's ways and who drive far from the Church cannot be prophets; the prophets who fight the Catholic Church, cannot be prophets; the prophets whose predictions produce hatred, cannot be prophets.
 Such prophets are not God's children!
 And, loved children, as the world is full, of these thorns and reefs!
 God wants to speak for his children, but his children are deceived!
 Therefore, already many things will not be said;
 Much information will be camouflaged and transmitted only for the aim;
 A lot of letters will not be able already to be written!
 Many stuffy words...
 God is wise and He will act in the different form, but the children lose, since they will walk in the darkness!
 For the time being, however, the truthful prophets exist and they will act continually even to a definite order of God! Amen!
 Oh! of the false prophets! Oh! of the deceitful ones! A lot of children are given up because of them and this will cost them very expensive!
 Little sons, pray to the Holy Spirit and He will manage to bring you the truth, indicating you the truthful “God’s friends” and flooding you of gifts!
 But many children will remain in the ignorance... Up to because, they do not look for the truth!
fact, the one who lets be wrong does not know the Word of God transmitted in the Sacred Bible! Do not read the Scriptures! They are ignorant!
 Observe the signs: Here that I come. Amen!
 Loved children: Look to the front! Look at the top and followed the journey without stopping, without resting, without stumbling...
 You will see God! Amen!
 I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
 Message received in May 27, 2008


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